The Invictus Men's Health Team

The specialist urologists at Invictus Men's Health are a dedicated team who specialise in low testosterone treatment, erectile dysfunction, vitamin deficiencies and premature ejaculation, and fertility. We work in collaboration with other specialist fields to encompass treating you completely.

What do I need for my first visit?
  • You'll need your ID and medical aid card

  • We would also like you to bring your Invictus score and blood results to your first consultation.

  • If you are seeing us for the first time – please phone the consulting rooms and request a blood form to be sent you so that this can be interpreted at your initial consult to save you time and money.

  • We accept all major credit cards and cash. EFT payments, however, must reflect in our account by the time of your consultation.

  • Medication will only be dispensed upon proof of payment being received.
Do you take medical aid?

Medical aid is accepted by the laboratory on-site for your blood work. Medical aid is not accepted for your treatment, but we're happy to give you a receipt that you can submit to your medical aid for possible reimbursement.

How long do I need to stay on testosterone therapy?

Hypogonadism, or low testosterone, is a chronic condition for many men so long term treatment will be necessary. Men with temporary conditions that lead to low testosterone levels may need short-term treatment.

What are the side effects of testosterone treatment?

Some patients could experience one or more of the following side effects:

  • Increased red blood cell count

  • Prostate complications

  • Skin reactions

  • Reduced Sperm Count (there is an alternative treatment, which your doctor will speak to you about)
Can I just take oral testosterone boosters to raise my testosterone?

No, oral testosterone can be hyper toxic to the liver and lead to long term damage to your liver and kidneys.

With so many other options available, such as testosterone injections, testosterone cream, and testosterone pellets, you have no reason to take any form of oral testosterone. All of these methods bypass the liver and go directly into the bloodstream, which is less taxing on the liver.

Why is my estrogen level important? I thought estrogen was a female hormone.

Testosterone and estrogen are considered to be male and female sex hormones, respectively. However, estradiol, the predominant form of estrogen, also plays a critical role in male sexual function. Estradiol in men is essential for libido, erectile function, and spermatogenesis.

How long will my IV vitamin drip take?

Depending on what size IV bag you opt for, on an average it takes around 20 minutes for a vitamin drip and can take up to an hour for larger bags.

How often should I receive an IV drip?

IV Drip therapy is dependant on the patient. Someone undergoing high dose vitamin C therapy for cancer treatment may receive infusions more frequently than a person who needs an energy or immune system boost.


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