erectile dysfunction


Erectile Dysfunction

While not being able to get or maintain an erection is normal from time to time, a prolonged issue can be a more serious problem like erectile dysfunction. This condition is characterised by a diminished sexual drive and the frequent inability to remain erect enough for sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is usually related to underlying psychological, hormonal and physical health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and ageing.

Erectile dysfunction is a common disorder among men, especially those who are over the age of 57. In fact, studies show that 30-45% of all men over this age suffer from ED.

To diagnose and treat ED at Invictus Men's Health, we first need to understand each man's sexual, medical and psycho-social history. This information will help our urologists determine the underlying cause, severity and necessary treatment options needed to assist with ED.

We also evaluate the sexual interests, ejaculation, sexual pain and penile curvature of each man to ensure we can effectively treat this condition. Genital examinations with special focus on endocrine, vascular and neurological systems will also be needed to assist with this process.

Additionally, we will conduct blood tests to pinpoint hormonal imbalances that could contribute to ED. Testing for androstenedione, total testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and many other hormones, proteins and chemicals are important in this regard.

Erectile dysfunction management and treatment

Erectile dysfunction can negatively impact a man's emotional wellbeing and sexual health. The condition can also be a symptom of serious underlying medical problems too, which is why it's important to seek treatment.

When erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological issues like stress, anxiety or depression, professional counselling can help rectify the issue. At Invictus, we have certified psychologists and psychiatrists if the need arises. When the condition is a symptom of a hormonal or physical problem, however, you may need medical treatment instead.

Erectile dysfunction can be managed with oral medications, penile/ intracavernosal injections or penile implants if deemed necessary depending on your medical history and what the condition's underlying cause is. Urine tests, blood tests, a physical exam and ultrasound may be required to diagnose your erectile dysfunction before a treatment method is decided.

At Invictus Men's Health Clinic, we offer P-Shot ® therapy and shockwave therapy to treat erectile dysfunction as well. We are the only clinic in South Africa that offers this revolutionary treatment for men.

P-Shot® Therapy at Invictus

P-Shot® therapy, or the Priapus Shot, is used to help stimulate healing, rejuvenation and improved blood flow in the penis. During P-Shot therapy, a sample of blood is used to harvest platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that is then spun in a specially designed centrifuge which separates the platelets and plasma. These platelets are then injected back into the penis. This platelet-rich plasma works to build tissue, blood vessels and heal degeneration in the penis to help men overcome erectile dysfunction.

P-Shot therapy can improve symptoms of ED and give men firmer, stronger erections. The therapy can also help men achieve and maintain erections easily, and this treatment can also increase the length and girth of the penis too. After P-Shot therapy, men can also experience heightened sensitivity in the penis and a reduction in penile curvature (Peyronies Disease) due to improved blood flow.

At Invictus Men's Health, P-Shot ® therapy is performed in-office and takes about 45 minutes to complete. Patients are permitted to go home following the procedure, and sexual activity may resume the next day.

If you are not from Durban, arrangements can be made in advance to accommodate you on designated days.

The P-Shot procedure includes:

  • Consultation with a specialist urologist

  • PRP Injection therapy in the rooms (45 min) under local anaesthetic (cream or injection)

  • Vacuum erection device (Penile Pump) and training video

  • Medication to optimise P-Shot®

Cost: R15000.00 excluding VAT

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Shockwave Therapy at Invictus

Shockwave therapy involves delivering low-intensity shock waves to the penis that can help stimulate blood flow and new blood vessel growth. These light shock waves are delivered to the penis via an applicator to help men who suffer from vasculogenic ED caused by inadequate blood flow. Men who have heart disease or other medical conditions that affect blood flow can benefit from Shockwave therapy.

Shockwave therapy can improve symptoms of ED and give men firmer, stronger erections thanks to increased blood flow in the penis. The therapy is also known to stimulate new blood vessel growth in the penis too, which can also assist with ED.

The Shockwave procedure includes:

  • Consultation with a specialist urologist

  • Short treatment (2 weeks) or standard treatment option (9 weeks)

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